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Trencher 8"x3.5', 18hp - Case Corp. TF300

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Trencher 8"x3.5', 18hp - Case Corp. TF300

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Operating Information

KNOW YOUR SYMBOLS! Trenchers are potentially dangerous pieces of equipment. Before operating a trencher, become familiar with symbols and decals on the machine, to review those symbols please review the following article: Trencher Safety Symbols & Decals

Any piece of equipment can be dangerous if not operated properly. You are responsible for the safe operation of this equipment. The operator must carefully read and follow any warnings, safety signs and instructions provided with or located on the equipment. Do not remove, defeat, deface or render inoperable any of the safety devices or warnings on this equipment. If any safety devices or warnings have been removed, defeated, defaced or rendered inoperable, DO NOT USE THE EQUIPMENT!!!

WARNING This item contains one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm.

WARNING Contact Your Local/State Underground Utility Locator Service before you dig.


  • Use care when mounting riding trenchers. Be sure your hands and shoes are clean and dry. Use the handrails, not control levers, to guide yourself.
  • Fasten the seat belt and adjust the seat to a comfortable position.
  • Warn others away from the machine and work area especially children and pets.
  • Be sure the transmission and other controls are in the neutral position. Set the brakes on all models.
  • Start the engine and test all controls.
  • Lower the trencher boom within a few inches of the soil.
  • Engage the chain at slow speed. Be sure you can control the trencher as the chain can jerk the machine quickly.
  • Operate riding trenchers only from the seat. Keep hands and feet clear of chain and augers on walk-behind models.
  • Use caution when operating on slopes as the machine will want to work down the slope.
  • Never make sharp turns while digging.
  • Never adjust or attempt to free a jammed chain while it is running. Always stop the machine and engine first.
  • Trenchers are one person machines -- never allow any riders.
  • When raising the boom you should disengage the chain just as it clears the trench.
  • Follow these steps when shutting the machine down for any length of time:

    • Lower the trenching boom and attachments to the ground.
    • Set the parking brake or block the wheels.
    • Put the transmission in park or neutral.
    • Stop the engine.
    • Cycle the hydraulic controls to relieve any pressure.
    • Remove the ignition key.
    • Dismount carefully using steps and handholds.

  • Follow the manufacturer's manual for specific loading and unloading procedures.
  • Be sure all required tie downs, safety chains, etc., are properly secured.
  • If driving the trencher on public roads make certain that all warning signs, lights, and flags are in place and visible. The Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV) emblem must be visible to vehicles approaching from the rear.

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