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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Types of Forklifts

Types of Forklifts
& Class
Stand Up Rider - Forklift has a counterbalance weight in the body. The rider stands inside the body of the forklift.

Class 1
Electric Rider
Counterbalanced Truck
Stand Up Rider - Narrow Aisle- The forklift has straddle legs on both sides of the forks to provide stability in the absence of a counterweight in the body.

Class 2
Electric Narrow Aisle Truck

Stand Up Reach Rider - Narrow Aisle- Forks extend in and out as well as up, down, and tilt.

Class 2
Electric Narrow Aisle Truck
Stand Up Rider - Order Picker - The operator stands on a platform in front and along with the controls is transported to the elevated location.

Class 2
Electric Narrow Aisle Truck

Sit Down Rider - The forklift has a counterbalance in the rear.

Class 1 Truck*
Class 4 Truck**
Class 5 Truck***

* If electric powered.
** If internal combustion (gas, diesel or LP gas) powered with solid tires.
*** If internal combustion powered with pneumatic tires

Motorized Hand Pallet Jack -
A low lift (ground level) unit has forks or a platform. Some models allow the operator to stand on the back. Others, like the one shown, are walked

Class 3
Electric Motor/Hand/Rider Truck

Reach Forklift - The forklift has large pneumatic tires. It has a boom which raises and extends. It has outriggers at the front to stabilize the forklift on soft or uneven ground.

A reach forklift might also resemble a sit-down rider as shown above. It is bigger with large pneumatic tires and a large mast with large forks. It is powered by an internal combustion engine.

Class 7 Reach/Rough Terrain Forklift Truck

A variety of forklift attachments can be installed onto a forklift to extend the reach, clamp a barrel, act as hoist, lift oddly-shaped items, lift people or other tasks.
Using an unapproved attachment could alter the forklift's lifting and balance characteristics and lead to a forklift overturning. Whenever an attachment is used that could affect the capacity of safe operation of a forklift, its use must be approved by the forklift manufacturer. The forklift must be marked to show the new weight with the attachment. The maximum capacity at the highest elevation must also be shown.

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